Nansulate® Crystal  

Nansulate® Crystal Roof Coating
Clear Energy Saving & Mold Resistant Protection

  • Clear Coat Protection-1Is your tile roof as vibrant and beautiful as the day your home was built? No? Here's why…
  • Clear Coat Protection-2Debris and organic matter are deposited on your roof, forming a fertile breeding ground for mold, and mildew. Learn more…
  • Clear Coat Protection-3Nature weathers your roof week after week, month after month, year after year. And there's more…
  • Clear Coat Protection-4The sun's UV rays erode the color, create the 'hot stone effect,' and increase energy costs. There is Better...
  • Clear Coat Protection-5Your home deserves a stay-clean, energy efficient, finely crafted roof that can withstand the elements and stay beautiful...
  • Clear Coat Protection-6Introducing Nansulate® Crystal Premium Energy Saving Roof Tile and Advanced Aftermarket Clear Coat.
  • Clear Coat Protection-7
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Works Great on Asphalt Shingles Too!

Get Your Roof Cleaned & Coated with a 10+ Year Solution

Energy savings, mold/bacteria resistance, PLUS a whole lot more! Have your roof cleaned and coated with our award winning patented protective clear coat sealer to keep it clean for years to come. Nansulate® Crystal, a premium clear energy saving and mold/UV resistant roof protectant is proven effective and documented as earth friendly and safe.

Customers report payback from energy savings in 3-5 years based on the current average installed price of $1.00 per S.F., not including the savings from the "stay clean" benefits (no pressure washing needed). Crystal has a 10 year worry-free warranty.

Use over sloped roofs: Asphalt or Wood Shingles, Metal Roofs. FOR TILE ROOFS: Crystal can be used over “color through” tiles (have a matte, porous texture) but not slurry or glazed tiles (have a shiny surface). Can be used over flat roofs with good drainage.

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Dirty and Clean Roof Tiles

Don't just spray roof mold, keep it away with Nansulate® Crystal.

There is Only One Nansulate® Crystal

Finally, a clear, protective, energy-saving coating that allows the beauty of your roof to shine through--in all seasons. With the benefits of resistance to the growth of mold, mildew, algae, bacteria and more, protection against weathering, moisture, and added durability, and the technologically cutting edge, energy-efficient insulation ability, based on nanotechnology, there truly is no other product on the market like it.
Nansulate® Crystal isn't just a simple reflective coating, it's much more than that. Reflective coatings only block heat transfer during warm seasons, while in colder seasons reflecting the sun isn't doing much for your energy efficiency. Nansulate® Crystal works in a completely unique way, giving you the benefits of low thermal transfer and UV resistance for energy savings in every season and climate to lower both heating and cooling bills.

*Per independent laboratory testing over coated and uncoated roof tiles to ASTM E1530

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The product that pays for itself and keeps your home beautiful.
- Customers typically report payback on product and installation in 3-5 years
- ASTM testing shows a 30% reduction in heat loss or gain.*
- Energy-saving clear roof insulation
- Resistant to mold and algae growth

- UV, Moisture, Weathering Protection

- Water-based, low VOC, Non-toxic
- 10 Year limited warranty

$89.95 - 1 gallon
Covers 225 S.F. with 2-coats

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$449.75 - 5 gallon
Covers 1,125 S.F. with 2-coats

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Nansulate® Crystal


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