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Sustainable Manufacturing with Nansulate



With just a few pieces of information regarding your steam process system, we can provide you details on how much energy you can save by insulating with Nansulate®.
You can also call us anytime at 800-767-3998 for immediate assistance.

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Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

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Become a Sustainable Hero with Nansulate

Download our Spreadsheet Calculators based upon the U.S. Department of Energy Tables for Steam Heat Loss in Pipes and Valves

#1 - Use to calculate potential cost savings by insulating Steam Lines

Download in Excel

Download Zip file with Excel and Numbers

#2 - Use to calculate potential cost savings by insulating Steam Valves.

Download Excel

Download Zip file with Excel and Numbers


Environmentally friendly, sustainable coatings:

>Reduces energy consumption
>Does not contain heavy metals
>Low VOC (100 g/L)
>No Asthmagens
>No Phosphates
>No Ozone-Depleting Compounds


Nansulate coatings are Made in the USA


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