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Nansulate® Energy Saving and Protective Coatings
Over 10 Years of Providing Sustainable Solutions Globally

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Nansulate® Coatings are based upon a patented, award-winning technology and offer a highly effective combination of benefits, which include thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, moisture resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, and lead encapsulation. This patented technology, sold only under the Nansulate® brand name, has been available since 2004 and has been providing dramatic energy saving and protective solutions for industrial, commercial, government and residential customers around the world. Nansulate® Coatings are made in the U.S.A.

Try these unique, environmentally friendly, low VOC coatings and experience the energy savings and other benefits for yourself.

Nansulate® for Industrial Use
Nansulate PT for pipes, tanks and metal surfaces Nansulate High Heat industrial insulation Nansulate EPX - total asset protection

Translucent PT
Insulation & Corrosion Prevention Coating for Pipes - Tanks - up to 256F/125C, Metal Surfaces. Clear, matte finish

Nansulate® Translucent High Heat
Insulation & Corrosion Prevention for Steam Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Boilers - Up to 400F/204C, Clear or Opaque finish, depending upon surface temperature
Nansulate® EPX
Insulation, Chemical and Flame Resistant Insulation Coating - A Unique High Performance, water-based 2-part textured Epoxy System. Grey, textured finish. Use with NanoPrime™ Primer
Nansulate GP for non-metal surfaces   Nansulate Diamond
Translucent GP-NSF

NSF registered for food manufacturing equipment and food sensitive areas - up to 256F/125C, Clear, matte finish

Fast Cure Insulation & Corrosion Prevention Coating for Chilled Pipes/Tanks - up to 300F/149C, Metal Surfaces. Clear, matte finish

Nansulate® for Home & Building Use
HomeProtect Clear Coat Insulation Coating Energy Protect Nansulate Crystal roof coating

Nansulate® HomeProtect
Clear Coat

Residential Insulation Coating. Exterior & Interior Use - Walls, Ceilings, Clear, matte finish.

Energy Protect™

Commercial Insulation Coating. Exterior & Interior Use - Factory Windows, Walls, Ceilings, Clear, matte finish
Nansulate® Crystal
Residential & Commercial Roof Coating. Clear protective roof insulation coating for sloped tile and shingle roofs
Intelligent Shield   Nansulate LDX - lead encapsulation coating
Intelligent Shield
Cool color reflective exterior coating for walls. Stay clean, mold resistant technology. Textured, white, tintable finish
  Nansulate® LDX
Safe Lead Encapsulation - Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces, Clear, matte finish

Nansulate® Special Use
Nansulate Solar Insulation Coating NanoBoost automotive coating Bee Protect Clear
Nansulate® Solar
Clear insulation coating for solar thermal systems
For fuel efficiency and cooler automobile interior
Nansulate® Bee Protect Clear
Protective Beehive Coating

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Energy Protect Awarded Top Money Saving Product
Best Products Award from BuilderNews

Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

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Three years after Nansulate® and this Homeowner is still saving over 46% on energy bills.
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This industrial customer reported energy savings of $460,000 in annual energy costs with payback in only 7 months.
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