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"Because of global warming, our duty is to make use of energy as efficiently as possible; wasted energy is wasted national wealth. This is why I highly recommend this technology to all of the textile industry and other heat using industries."

-Henateks A.S.
Eyup Sozdinler

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We are the People who Bring the Best of Science
to the World's Great Companies.™

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Exceptional and Award Winning energy saving and protective clear coatings containing a nanotechnology-based material which provide the combined performance qualities of thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, mold resistance, chemical resistance, and other protective benefits.

Products for Industry

Nansulate Translucent PT
High Heat
Industrial Use
Translucent PT
Pipes, Tanks, Metal Buildings - up to 256F
Translucent GP
(NSF Registered)

Food area safe - Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces
High Heat
Steam Pipes - Heat Exchangers - Tanks - Up to 400F
EPX-4 2-part Epoxy
Chemical Resistant - Steam Pipes - Tanks - Equipment - Up to 400F
Products for Homes & Buildings

Crystal Roof Coating
Intelligent Shield Smart Paint
Energy Protect
Home/Building Use
HomeProtect Clear Coat
Exterior & Interior Use - Walls, Ceilings, Attics
Crystal clear roof coating
Roofs - Tile, Shingle, Slate, Asphalt, Fiberglass
Intelligent Shield
Smart Paint

Exterior & Interior Use Stay Clean Paint - Walls, Ceilings
Energy Protect
Exterior & Interior Use - Walls, Ceilings, Skylights, Ducts
Products for Special Use

LDX Lead Encapsulation
Solar Thermal Coating
Special Use
LDX - lead abatement
Lead Encapsulation - Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces
For Fuel Efficiency and Cooler Automobile Interior
Solar Thermal Coating
For Solar Panels, Water Heaters and Piping
See Our Products at Work Worldwide: 

  • Sinopec Tank ProjectOffshore Fuel Oil Storage Tank Insulation Project
  • City of San Jose, CAConcrete Digester Tank Insulation Project
  • Bangkok AirportBuilding Insulation Project
  • Illovo Sugar ProjectInsulation of Sugar Digester
  • Smart Fuels ProjectInsulation of Pipes and Tanks
  • U.S. Navy ProjectInsulation and Corrosion Control of Metal Dock Buildings
  • Weyerhaeuser ProjectInsulation of Black Liquor Tank
  • Network RailReduction of Icicle Formation in Rail Tunnels
  • Henateks Textile ProjectEnergy Savings for Textile Facility
  • Enap Sipetrol, ArgentinaInsulation of Offshore Oil Pipeline
  • Ultraspin Dairy ProjectInsulation of Butter Fat Melting Tank
  • Unilever Affiliate UniproInsulation of Steam Process Equipment
  • LS Industries ProjectInsulation of Heat Block Blaster Oven
  • U.S. Army Corps of EngineersMultiple Insulation and Lead Abatement Projects
  • Galp Energia - PortugalInsulation of Pipeline and Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Oil & Gas ClientInsulation of Steam Valves and Lines, Offshore
  • Canada Oil & Gas ClientInsulation & Corrosion Control of Vessels
Sinopec, China1 City of San Jose, CA2 Bangkok, Thailand Airport3 Illovo Sugar, Africa4 Smart Fuels, FL US5 U.S. Navy6 Weyerhaeuser, Savannah, GA7 Network Rail UK8 Henateks Textile, Turkey9 Enap Sipetrol, Argentina10 Ultraspin, Australia11 Unilever Affiliate Unipro, Turkey12 LS Industries, US13 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers14 Galp Energia - Portugal15 Oil & Gas Client16 Canada Oil & Gas Client17




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