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Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
Nansulate Energy Saving and Asset Protection Coatings
Reduce Energy Cost and Protect Facility Assets with Nansulate® Coatings

Superior Patented Thermal Insulation and Surface Protection Coatings -- Industrial Nanotech, Inc. provides patented thermal insulation and surface protection coatings to customers like the American Red Cross, the U.S. Navy, the Seattle Museum of Flight, Frost Art Museum, and the Bangkok Thailand International Airport.

These award-winning coatings offer multiple solutions such as clear liquid insulation, corrosion prevention, moisture, UV and mold resistance. They are used both for buildings - on walls, roofs, ceilings - and for equipment - on ovens, tanks, ducts, and more.

inprove energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Choosing Nansulate® liquid insulation coatings is one of the easiest things you can do to insulate all types of equipment with long-term, moisture and dirt resistant protection to reduce heat loss or gain and lower your process energy costs.

Average Reported Energy Savings: 10%-25%
Typical ROI: 6 to 18 months

Uses: Steam Pipes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Valves, Hot Water Pipes, and More

protect surfaces

Surface Protection

Nansulate® liquid insulation coatings offer powerful surface protection with exceptional adhesion qualities. In addition to reducing heat transfer, the coatings prevent corrosion and CUI, and provide resistance to UV, moisture, mold and fungi growth, and harsh chemicals.

Uses: Steam Pipes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Silos, Hot Water Pipes, and More

improve worker safety

Worker Safety

Nansulate® liquid insulation coatings can improve worker safety in three key areas:

  • Reducing temperatures to an OSHA "Safe Touch" level
  • Reducing heat expelled from ovens and other equipment into the working environment
  • Improving air quality, by offering an insulation resistant to infiltration by mold, dust, dirt and vermin
building envelope

Building Envelope Efficiency

Nansulate® coatings not only reduce energy costs for manufacturing equipment, tanks and pipes, but are also used for walls, roofs windows, and ducts to improve building energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs.

Average Reported Energy Savings: 20%-40%
Typical ROI: 2-4 years

Uses: Roofs, Walls (Interior or Exterior), Ceilings, Windows/Skylights, Duct Work, and More

Our Nansulate® Product Line for Sustainable Manufacturing:
Several Sustainable Solutions in One Product

Equipment Insulation & Protective Coatings
High Heat
EPX Translucent GP

Nansulate® High Heat™
Insulation & Corrosion Prevention for Steam Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Boilers - Up to 400F/204C, Clear or Opaque finish, depending upon surface temperature

Product Page


Nansulate® EPX™ w/ NanoPrime™
Grey, Textured Thermal Insulation, Chemical & Flame Resistance, and Corrosion Prevention Coating that Reduces Energy use. Up to 400F/204C

Product Page

Nansulate® Translucent GP™
NSF registered for food manufacturing equipment and food sensitive areas - up to 256F/125C, Clear, matte finish
Both metal and non-metal surfaces

Product Page

Translucent PT

Nansulate® Translucent PT™
Insulation & Corrosion Prevention Coating for Pipes - Tanks - up to 256F/125C, Metal Surfaces. Clear, matte finish

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Building Insulation & Protective Coatings
Energy Protect Crystal LDX

Nansulate® Energy Protect™
Commercial Insulation Coating & Weathering Protection. Exterior & Interior Use - Walls, Factory Windows, Skylights, Ceilings, Clear, matte finish

Product Page

Nansulate® Crystal™
Residential & Commercial Roof Coating. Clear protective roof insulation coating for nearly all types of roofs.

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Nansulate® LDX™
Lead Encapsulation Coating- Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces, Clear, matte finish

Product Page

Industrial Nanotech's patented Nansulate® technology has been saving energy globally since 2004. Customers include the Seattle Museum of Flight, City of Miami, the Bangkok International Airport, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers the American Red Cross, among many others.


Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

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Nansulate® is a registered trademark of Industrial Nanotech, Inc.

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