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Nansulate Translucent High Heat thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coating


Heat Shield™ High Heat
More Powerful Formulation!
High Performance Protective Thermal Insulation & Corrosion Prevention Coating

Patented Technology

For Pipes, Tanks, Metallic Surfaces

Product Details

Temperature Extremes: -40F to 400F (-40C to 204C)
Application Temperature Range: 40F to 212F (4C to 100C)

Coverage Rate per Gallon:
450 S.F. @ 1 coat
75 to 45 S.F. @ 6 to 10 coats (typical application)

Actual coverage rate may vary depending on surface texture.

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$145.00 - 1 gallon

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$725.00 - 5 gallon

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55 gallon size also available.
Call 800-767-3998 for volume
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  • Outstanding corrosion protection and insulation properties.
  • Easy Application with brush, roller or paint sprayer.
  • Non-toxic, water-based.
  • Allows for visual inspection of the substrate through the protective coating.
  • Outstanding durability with excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum, galvanized aluminum, and many more substrates.
  • Cost effective, with long-term savings and short payback period.
  • Low VOC


  • Protects against corrosion under insulation (CUI).
  • Excels in providing thermal insulation in a thin layer.
  • Space saving – each coat is applied at 3-5 wet mils (Approximately 100 microns), and will dry to approximately 50% in dry film thickness.
  • Can be painted over.
  • Helps prevent burns.
  • Provides protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Ideal pipe insulation and rust inhibitor - increase energy efficiency.
  • Easily applied by maintenance crews.
  • Spray insulation allows insulating of all equipment sizes and shapes.




Case Study:

Click for PDF of Case Study

Click on the photo to download a case study about a large sports apparel manufacturer and how Nansulate® High Heat helped them reduce energy use and decrease plant costs by approximately $40,000 per month. They achieved a 20% reduction in energy use and increased equipment efficiency.

More Case Studies Here

Nansulate High Heat on brewery equipment Nansulate HH Can Nansulate High Heat on steam boiler Nansulate High Heat on methanol tanks

Use on steam pipes, boilers, heat exchangers, purification vessels, dyeing machines, industrial ovens, LNG burners, industrial dryers, processing tanks and more


Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

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