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Nansulate® Clear Coat for Windows - Save Money & Energy
Energy Protect™ Translucent Coating for Window Insulation
For Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Building Windows


Industrial / Commercial Building Windows
Spray over windows and frames to easily reduce heat tranfer, add a security frost, and reduce glare and UV.

Nansulate® Energy Protect allows through 92% of the visible light, while reducing heat penetration in all seasons, and reducing glare.

Payback is typically from 3-5 years, as opposed to much longer if you replace the windows.

Skylight Insulation  

Spray apply over skylights to insulate, reduce glare, and reduce UV penetration.

The coatings allow through visible light, while adding a slight frosted look to the glass. Harmful UV rays are also reduced by approximately 80%, according to independent testing.

Energy Protect™ Goes on Translucent & Saves your Energy Cost
Reduce your Bills, and Become Energy Efficient & Sustainable

Thermal Testing
Testing for both hot and cold environments through glass illustrates how the coating can reduce heat transfer, both in the summer and winter.

Click to download the thermal testing page.


thermal imaging over glass

Nansulate® Energy Protect Pays for Itself in Energy Savings
Have a Look at Some Case Studies - The Benefits are Clear!

  Cornwell Quality Tools - Factory Windows

Customer Savings: $30,000 in energy costs over the first 4 months

Customer: Cornwell Quality Tools, a large manufacturer and supplier of tools and machines for a variety of industries, began an energy saving program in their machining facility in Mogadore, Ohio.

Application: Nansulate® was applied to the factory windows to provide insulation, reducing energy costs. The coating reduces heat transfer while maintaining the benefit of ambient daylight.

Material Cost for Project: $3,572

Payback Period: 4 months

Issue: Cornwell Quality Tools needed to improve energy efficiency at their Mogadore, Ohio manufacturing facility. Large factory windows created large 'holes' in their thermal envelope.

Solution: Nansulate® was used to insulate the windows. The application was done on windows where maintaining at least diffuse illumination from sunlight was a requirement along with thermal insulation.

"Sirs, We at Cornwell Tools have been very pleased with the results of using the Nansulate material as can be seen by the attached emails...

It's hard to quantify how much has been saved, but management has indicated over this winter so far we have saved approximately $30,000 in total heating costs. Many factors are involved in this, as other changes were also made (in addition to using Nansulate) such as moving the use of the overhead door in the steel room to the smaller overhead door in the inspection area, and adding a plastic screen at that door. However I believe that a considerable savings has been realized.

The cost of the (Nansulate) materials was probably saved in the first cold month."

Daniel Goodell
Senior Tool Designer
Cornwell Quality Tools
Mogadore, OH 44260, USA

  Frost Art Museum - Skylights

Customer: Frost Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami, Florida hired architectural firm HOK to solve issues with their skylights which resulted in poor energy efficiency, and also fading of artwork due to UV rays.

Application: Nansulate® coating was used to coat the skylights and solve both issues. It reduced heat transfer through glass, while providing a way to allow in natural light, which was an important museum design element, while protecting the artwork from harmful UV rays.

Objective: Increase energy efficiency, reduce glare while preserving day light.

Solution: Nansulate® Water-based acrylic insulation coating, allows through visible light, reduces glare, reduces UV fading, and increases energy efficiency.

“Art conservation researchers over the past 40 years have studied the sensitivity of artworks to light. In Weymouth’s designs, a crucial element is using materials and coatings that block out both ultraviolet rays and heat.”
-2008 Article in Florida Trend Magazine, referring to the HOK project with Nansulate® at the Frost Art Museum

Benefits: Thermal Insulation, Easy Application, Long-Term Performance, Reduction in Energy Consumption, Frosts Windows for Security, Low VOC, Reduces Glare

  Tampa Port Authority - Skylights

Customer: Tampa Port Authority, Insulation of Skylights to Reduce Heat Loss

Issue: Heat gain through skylights increased cooling bills in the building. The Tampa Port Authority maintenance staff needed to find a solution that would still allow through most of the light, while improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Solution: Nansulate® was applied to skylights to reduce heat transfer, and lower cooling costs. The coating only added a slight frosted look to the glass, while allowing through approximately 92% of the visible light. The coating reduced glare as an added benefit.

Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

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Covers 750 S.F. with 3-coats

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  • Easy to Apply - With Roller, Brush, or Sprayer (recommended)
  • Will give Windows a slightly 'frosted' look.
  • Reduces heat transfer - saves energy
  • Allows through approximately 92% ov the visible light (as tested on pane glass)
  • Blocks approximately 80% of UV rays (as tested on pane glass)
  • Low VOC
  • Long Term Protection
  • Can Help Reduce Condensation by Regulating Surface Temp
  • Will not Yellow, or Discolor
  • Pays for Itself in energy savings
  • Download our Spectrophotometer report


Nansulate® coatings are a patented technology by Industrial Nanotech, Inc. that utilize a nanomaterial with an extremely low thermal conductivity. This material allows the coatings to effectively inhibit heat transfer in a thin layer. This is not a ceramic coating, but rather a unique, patented technology only sold only under the Nansulate® brand name.

  • Green Product - Non-toxic, low VOC, water-based
  • For Interior / Exterior Use
  • Environmentally Safe - Also People Safe
  • Breathable - Resistant to Dust, Mold, Particles

Buildings Money Saving Product Award

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